Ukrainian Division

International Virtual Aviation Organisation

IVAO or International Virtual Aviation Organisation is an international network which unites tens of thousands fans of virtual aviation all over the world. On February 2014 IVAO has about 166,000 users registered in the network. Among them 24,000 users are active members who regularly flying or controlling.

In IVAO you can be a Virtual Controller, a Virtual Pilot or even combine the two careers at the same time! But please remember that IVAO is not a game. IVAO is a hobby!

Divisional news

New Tour System

Dear pilots, we are happy to announce new tour system, and a winter tour. New tour system is now also used for Online day, ATC/PILOT events/training awards. AFTER NEW YEAR, OLD SYSTEM WILL BE DISCONTINUED. If you have any questions head over to discord channel dumb-questions 
IVAO - International Virtual Aviation Organization

November 9, 2021